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For over ten years the App Store has become increasingly popular. We have witnessed and enjoyed mid-core, casual and hard-core games over our mobile devices, and now a new category has joined the charts, hyper-casual gaming.
Hyper-casual games are lightweight with very simple mechanics, offering instant gameplay. With the simplicity of the mechanics and minimalistic UI, these games are easily accessible, engaging and somewhat addictive, similar to the colour switch games. It consumes very low disk space and runs on the minimum configuration of any device.
Few companies are popular in making Hyper-casual games like Voodoo, Lion Studios, Ketchapp, Kwalee, etc. The profit comes from advertisements that we integrate inside the game. Survey reports say that millions of players are busy in playing Hyper-casual games every single day. Choosing a good game engine and understanding its features is very difficult. A game is a combination of visual art, physics, and logic. Properly implementing these is very tricky.
Simultaneously, continuous research on trending games on an app store may give you good clarity on visual art. How to make it more attractive, and more interactive is necessary. That’s why you need an expert’s help.
Five Rivers Designs are experts in making hyper-casual games. We carry out constant research on the latest trends in the play store. Then we implement it in our game. That’s why our games come in the top 100 in Google Play Store. When you purchase source-codes from us, we provide complete support on how to make it popular from start to finish like a companion. We suggest the best possible ways to implement ads in the game that will bring profits.
Kevin from Walnut Creek, San Fransisco, USA says, “Thank you very much for your valuable suggestion. My game ” Simpson’s House ” started to bring profit from the last week. Earnt $363.68 up until now.”
Meera Desai from Ahmedabad, India says, ” Can’t believe my eyes, “Space Jump” is getting popular day by day, thanks for your support.”
Like Meera, Kevin hundreds of our clients are enjoying their own game and also it brings them to profit at the end of each month.
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